Welcome to Mrs. Fretz's Final Exam Review Wiki!

Please check this page daily for news, updates, announcements, etc.

Days 2 and 3 Agenda

1. Check the discussion tab and/or "wiki mail" (the envelope icon at the top of the page) for any messages
2. Work on your wiki page
-don't forget to include references to class notes, labs, tests, textbook pages, etc.
-double check with Mrs. Fretz to make sure you're not missing any important information.
3. Done? Double check your wiki to make sure it meets all the requirements (see wiki mail message for grading system.)

Remember, your final wiki is due by noon on Saturday 6/9.

Day 1 Agenda:

1. Assign topics
2. Introduce assignment
3. What is a wiki?
4. How to use wikispaces.com - watch intro tutorial.
5. Create wikispaces.com usernames
6. Go to fretzreview.wikispaces.com and click "Join this page" on the left hand side.
7. Start working on your wiki
-click on your topic in the navigation menu
-create a link to your group's page
-start deciding on what to include on the wiki

Homework: look through your old notes, tests, labs, etc. and decide on your main topics. List these topics on your wiki.