We'll be using this wiki to create review materials for your final exam. Working in pairs, you will create a wiki page that contains the most important concepts about your assigned topic. All students will have access to all the wiki pages, and can therefore use them when reviewing for the final. For this reason, your wiki page should be very accurate and useful to your classmates.

You'll be expected to look back through your class notes, labs, tests, and the textbook to determine the most important concepts to review. Remember - this is a review! Do not recite everything you've done this year. It's your job to edit the material you've covered and outline the most important points. Check with Mrs. Fretz if you're not sure about what to include on your wiki page.

Your wiki page MUST have the following:
-The topic you are assigned
-Your names (no last names) and class color
-Sections for each of the main concepts in your topic
-References for each section with dates from class, labs, tests, textbook pages, etc, so that your classmates can find the relevant info
-Visuals, pictures, graphs, charts, etc...something to help illustrate your main points

Participation is an important part of this project. Be sure to share the workload! You will have limited class time to work on your wiki. Expect to work on it on your own time. Your final wiki is due by noon on Saturday 6/9. This is a busy time of year, so please plan ahead...time management is the key to success!