The effects

  • The Coriolis effect is caused by earths rotation. Since everything on earth who not are atatched to the ground rocks are "loose" from this rotating effect... at least a little "loose" from this effect, they moves agains the earths rotation in terms of the earth. The stuff who are effected the most are lesser dense combinations sutch as air, water, and fire (who is actually a reaction, not "stuff", but it can be included in the group "air", because it is moved by air in the cause). Earth (not the planet, but the gravel "stuff") are mostly moved by living objects more than moved by the coreolis effect.
  • The division of the day into night and day are also effects of earths rotation
  • The direction of the sunrise and sunset: The Earth rotates counterclockwise, if viewed form the north pole. The rotation causes us to see the Sun rise in the east and set in the west.
  • Temperature is also another effect of the earth rotating, but it is due more to the tilte of the earth than earth rotating.
The Division of Night and Day
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Loose materials

So the things that moves the most are the external image water-08.jpg and the external image clouds-in-blue-sky.jpg. On the other side of those two things who takes the most surface area too! Here is a illustration how the winds are affected, but that is someone elses project to explain:
The Coriolis Effect
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Spinning earth and how the earth spinns in space (in terms of the sun).
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