Effects of Moon's Orbital & Rotational Periods

by Tori Smith and Tim Palmer (Red)

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The Moon's orbital period is 27.322 days, about half of a degree per hour, thirteen degrees a day.
The rotation period and the orbital period of the Moon are the same.

Apogee and Perigee

Apogee is the moon when it's farthest from the earth which you can remember by thinking Apogee=Away.
Perigee is the closest to the Earth which you can remember by it being the opposite of Apogee.

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1. Moon Phases
  • Waxing, Waning, New, Full. It will all be on that page.
  • For a reveiw look over your packet/lab we all did during class. (The one with the cut out pictures of the moon we had to put together). Take off your pieces and try organize them in the right order again. (Make sure you write down the answers before hand)
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2. Tides
  • Check out the relationship between the Moon and Tides by clicking here

3. Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse

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Solar Eclipse

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